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Outreach to The Community

Simchat HaLev congregants care about each other, the community, and our world.  How?  By demonstrating kindness with a caring heart, generosity, and helpfulness, by supporting one another as we face life's challenges, and by celebrating important moments.  As a community of faith, we reach out to help our neighbors are we are taught: "You shall not oppress the stranger for you know the experience of having yourself been a stranger in the land of Egypt."  As a congregation, we partner with G-d to repair our world by getting personally involved.  Through prayer, volunteering, giving tzedakah, spreading love, compassion and peace, smiles and hugs, and in the fight for social justice, we show G-d we understand what it means to be a community that cares.

About Us

Simchat HaLev is a 501(3c) not-for-profit Jewish organization under the spiritual leadership of Rabbi Jay Weinstein. Simchat HaLev provides individuals, couples and families with spiritual Judaism, a synagogue, family education, fee-for-service rabbinic counseling and life cycle clergy officiation.

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