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Kitchen Table Judaism

Our program is unique.  We call it "Kitchen Table" Judaism.  Why?  Your children, the next generation of Jewish adults, and their teacher sit around a kitchen table and have fun while learning Hebrew, holidays, Israel, mitzvot, spirituality and the traditions of our people.  Prayer lab, field trips, games, and workshops are integral components of our program as is Bar/Bat Mitzvah training.

Rabbi's Circle

Many of our graduates choose to continue to study and schmooze with Rabbi Jay and Rabbi Jenn as post Bar/Bat Mitzvah members of the "Rabbis Circle." The group works on leadership development, acts of kindness, and navigating the teenage years through a "Jewish lens". 

Special Needs

Does your child have a learning challenge, a complex schedule, or need special attention? No problem.  One of our educators will teach your child on an individual basis learning the same material as others of his/her age.


For the latest schedule of classes, activities and services: Please click here Family services are a great way to enhance learning.


Homework is an important component to learning as it reinforces the classroom learning.  It is our intention to give a small amount each week, just enough so that the student will retain the new work completed in class.

Our Teaching Team

Our teachers are "Spiritual Coaches".  They are experienced, nurturing Jewish educators who make learning fun. With a deep love for Judaism, they will teach, encourage, and challenge your child, and respond to their questions about Jewish life. Teaching assistants are graduates of Simchat HaLev and will be available to assist students who may need a little extra.

Latest News

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About Us

Simchat HaLev is a 501(3c) not-for-profit Jewish organization under the spiritual leadership of Rabbi Jay Weinstein. Simchat HaLev provides individuals, couples and families with spiritual Judaism, a synagogue, family education, fee-for-service rabbinic counseling and life cycle clergy officiation.


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