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Hope and Healing

Rabbi Jay provides congregants with confidential rabbinic counseling and spiritual direction.  Whether it is a personal crisis, a relationship issue, or a life challenge, Rabbi Jay will listen with a trained, non-judging, compassionate ear.  If you are feeling drained, desiring spirituality in your life, or a connection with G-d, Rabbi Jay can provide guidance.

Your Rabbis Are Available To Help

Rabbi Jay is also a trained hospital chaplain and bereavement specialist. He understands and can help with the anguish of serious illness, dying, and death. Both Rabbi Jay and Rabbi Jenn are available to pray with individuals, couples and families in our sanctuary. Hospital, hospice and home visits can be arranged when needed. Call Rabbi Jenn @ 516-922-4224 ext. 18, she will schedule a confidential counseling appointment with Rabbi Jay or an appointment with her or Rabbi Jay for prayer with  at the location of your choice. If you would like the Rabbis to pray for you or someone else that is ill, please click here to be added to our: Misheberach List.

Spiritual Emergencies

In the event of crisis, serious illness, hospitalization, dying or death, call Rabbi Jay immediately. Rabbi Jay is available 24 hours a day (including Shabbat) on his cell 516-297-7744. In the event you are unable to reach Rabbi Jay, call Rabbi Jenn on her cell phone at 516-993-2562.

About Us

Simchat HaLev is a 501(3c) not-for-profit Jewish organization under the spiritual leadership of Rabbi Jay Weinstein.  Simchat HaLev provides individuals, couples and families with spiritual Judaism, a synagogue, family education, fee-for-service rabbinic counseling and life cycle clergy officiation.

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