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For the latest news, information and teachings follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Having an engaging website is great, however we have found using email, text, voice announcements and the social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter seem to be the best way to communicate in our fast paced world. Each week we will also email the congregation news of upcoming events, so please make sure that we also have your latest email address and cell phone numbers. Please let us know if you are not receiving our email news or our periodic automated voice recorded announcements or texts.

Don't forget to like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/SimchatHaLev and follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/simchathalevNY

Installation of Rabbi Jenn Weinstein - A Success!

On March 2nd, Rabbi Jenn Weinstein was installed in front of 250 congregants of Congregation Simchat HaLev of Syosset. The installation ceremony, led by Rabbi Jay Weinstein, her father, was held at Long Island University. Nassau County Legislator Judy Jacobs and Councilwoman Rebecca Alesia honored Rabbi Jenn with proclamations. Congregants and family members, along with past and present Hebrew school students, spoke of the wonderful person Rabbi Jenn is and what a wonderful rabbi she will be.  A theme for the day, “Find a rabbi, find a friend” were words that were referred to throughout the celebration. When asked about his daughter sharing the spiritual leadership with him and being installed, Rabbi Jay said, “for the last ten years, I have watched her grow, I have witnessed her serving our congregation in many roles. He said the heavens are beaming and the earth is shouting with joy and excitement for today, we come together to welcome her “officially” as our rabbi. Rabbi Jenn is a gift and a blessing from Gd. I am proud to call Rabbi Jenn my colleague and to share the rabbinic leadership with her.” Rabbi Jenn graduated from the Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute’s Rabbinical Program and was ordained January 4, 2014.  She said, “so often, and by many, I was told I should be a psychologist, a therapist, a doctor, a teacher, a whole array of professions that had a common theme of attentive listening, advice giving, and outreach. As a Rabbi it is my passion to advocate for all people and to work toward the ultimate goal of inclusion. I come from a background of exposure. Exposure to differences and acceptance of all, has helped mold my perception of how people should be treated. My hope for the future is to broaden and expand my outreach both in our community and in the greater world.” Everyone at the installation ceremony and reception certainly felt a great sense of pride and joy. Thank you to all the committee volunteers, corporate sponsors and congregational donors who helped make this day a success. 

Help Us Teach Your Children The Mitzvah of Giving Tzedakah

Simchat HaLev congregants care about each other, the community, and our world. How? By demonstrating kindness with a caring heart, generosity, and helpfulness, by supporting one another as we face life's challenges, and by celebrating important moments.  As a community of faith, we reach out to help our neighbors are we are taught: "You shall not oppress the stranger for you know the experience of having yourself been a stranger in the land of Egypt."  As a congregation, we partner with G-d to repair our world by getting personally involved. Teach these words to your children.  Teach them the mitzvah of giving Tzedakah.  Encourage them to save the extra change they have and each week when you are leaving your home, remind them of this mitzvah.  Together, both you and your child will be doing a wonderful act of kindness. As a member family, we want to perform the mitzvah of providing financial support to the efforts of Congregation Simchat HaLev. To Donate Now, please click the button donate:

Easy Mitzvah: Be A Simchat HaLev Ambassador!

Volunteers are needed. As we have learned in the Torah, Abraham welcomed the strangers into the tent.  We are looking for a select few who would be interested in serving in the sacred role of Ambassador. The Ambassador is a volunteer who helps others feel welcome at services, programs and is involved in other forms of outreach. We want everyone to feel welcomed into our sacred tent and we need your help make that happen. If you are one that attends services regularly and wants to perform this mitzvah, call Rabbi Jenn today at 516-922-4224 or email: [email protected]

Help Us Stay Connected:  We Are Here For Our Congregants

As a member of Congregation Simchat HaLev, Rabbi Jay and Rabbi Jenn are available to discuss any issues that relate to you or your family. Rabbi Jay is available for rabbinic counseling and prayer and will make hospital and home visits when needed. To speak with him, please call or text him directly at 516-297-7744. To speak with Rabbi Jenn and for matters that relate to Hebrew School or synagogue operations, Rabbi Jenn is available and can be reached Monday - Friday 10 am - 3pm at 516-922-4224 ext. 18 or email: [email protected].  Gd forbid, in the event of a crisis, serious illness, hospitalization, dying or death, please call or text Rabbi Jay immediately even on Shabbat at 516-297-7744. In the unlikely event that you are unable to reach him, call or text Rabbi Jenn at 516-993-2562.

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What is Diversity? Working Towards A Time When All Will Be Treated The Same

We are not there yet!  Rabbi Jay, Rabbi Jenn and the staff of Congregation Simchat HaLev is committed to the vision of welcoming all people equally under our tent.  To do this, we must all understand the definition of diversity and how it relates to synagogue life. We will continue to pray and will work hard together to bring about a time when all in our midst will embrace diversity regardless of race, culture, gender, ethnic background, social status, sexual preference, language spoken, mental capacity, learning style and physical ability. And then, diversity will no longer need a definition. It begins with each and every one of us.

What is Jewish Renewal?

Jewish Renewal is GD centered and grounded in traditional Judaism and ritual. Inspired by the work of Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, z’’l, the movement's founder, Jewish Renewal Clergy are committed to provide their congregants with an experience of a Judaism that is alive, engaging, spiritual, creative, accessible, relevant and joyous. Jewish Renewal acts to fully include all Jews regardless of the origin of their Jewishness or level of religious practice; and to respect all people regardless of race, culture, gender, ethnic background, social status or sexual preference. It is the hope in Jewish Renewal that as congregants are engaged and renewed, they will spread kindness and love, promote justice and freedom, care for all life, the earth and the world that GD has created. In the Jewish renewal movement there are people who also identify as orthodox, Torah observant, observant, reform, conservative, reconstructionist, neo-chasidic, liberal, secular, trans/post denominational (a combination of one or more of those descriptions), perhaps align themselves with a denomination, and others who feel a closeness to Judaism but are not technically Jewish.

Elul -  The Month of Introspection: Start a New Tradition.

Start a new tradition: It's an easy one that will help you in your every day life. The month leading up to the Jewish New Year is called the period of Chesbon HaNefesh,  Chesbon HaNefesh means examining our Soul. As we begin to prepare for the Jewish New Year, why not begin to examine your soul.  Start journaling with GD.  All it takes is a marble notebook, and a few minutes before you go to sleep.  For those that wrote "Dear Diary...", you are already a step ahead of the game.  Think about the gifts that you have, the things you long for, the day.  Was it a day that you felt good about, a day that you could do something differently.  Dialoguing with GD may be difficult at first for some, however with faith and practice you will begin to be able to get closer to GD.  Start today.  GD is listening. Begin the conversation.

Family Time Creating Sacred Memories

When was the last time you sat with your children around the kitchen table, had dinner and spent significant time together? When was the last time you engaged your children in helping you cook a meal or bake a special treat?  Family fun is not expensive.  In these days of financial uncertainty and stress, let us engage our family in the family experience that we may have had as a child or those that our parents, grandparents and their parents experienced. Let us teach our children that it is not only going to the mall, shopping and using the credit card that makes us happy.  We all get hooked, even the Rabbi does.  There are so many things that we can do that will create life-long memories. Memories that will last far longer than the newness of the purchase that we had to have. Family fun can include preparing a meal, together, baking cookies, playing pictionary or charades, scrabble or monopoly. What about all those pictures that you took or have in your possession, why not look at them as a family, re-tell the stories, make a memory book or a collage. Something we have done as a family each year in Israel is to create a fun video.  We all have video cameras, set the camera on a tripod, plan a skit as a family and have fun acting it out. I am confident that you will laugh, have fun but most importantly capture the closeness with each other that will create that sacred memory that will last forever. Take the time to stop and to be. In this state of economy and in a world filled with general sadness, create sacred moments together, its worth it, its fun and its free.  Amen.

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Congregation Simchat HaLev

Simchat HaLev is a welcoming, inclusive and nurturing congregation; a sacred community traveling the journey of life. Some of our congregants identify themselves as Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Renewal, Secular, some "just" Jewish and others "not technically" Jewish.

As an inclusive congregation, women and men are equal in all aspects of congregational life. Families with and without children are embraced regardless of their constellation and orientation. Under our tent all are welcome regardless of race, culture, gender, ethnic background, social status, sexual preference, language spoken, mental capacity, learning styles or physical ability. 

With intention, Congregation Simchat HaLev is a small and intimate congregation. We are a family; a house of prayer and learning, infused with tradition. Working hard to diminish hatred, bullying, pain and suffering; committed to adding love, caring and kindness; learning from and embracing the diversity of All people created in G-d's image. Rabbi Jay, Rabbi Jenn and our team of Jewish professionals will walk the path with you by providing Judaism that is Jewish Renewal - accessible, engaging, G-d centered and spiritually based.

Looking for a spiritual home? Simchat HaLev is that congregation.  Contact us - Let's talk.

About Us

Simchat HaLev is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit Jewish organization under the spiritual leadership of Rabbi Jay Weinstein. Simchat HaLev provides individuals, couples and families with spiritual Judaism, a synagogue, family education, fee-for-service rabbinic counseling and life cycle clergy officiation.

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